With Utah Attorney
General Sean Reyes, plus they unveiled their efforts together as the country
prepares to honor fallen troops on Memorial Day.

"Now we stand
with our specialists who put their lives on the line to their own country and
are currently disabled due to their support," said Attorney General Grewal.
"All Americans must concur that these veterans don't deserve to be saddled
with student loan debt. Congress has decided their loans ought to be forgiven.
Today we need to cut the red tape standing at all. It is the correct thing to
do, and it is the least we can do to honor our veterans' service"

Last year USDOE
identified over 42,000 Greater than 9,000 of these veterans had applied to get
their loans discharged by April 2018, yet, and more than 25,000 had student loans.

The multi-state
letter requires on USDOE to develop a process to automatically discharge the
student loans of veterans decided from the Department of Veterans Affairs to
become eligible for such relief. While the automated discharge procedure is in
development, the correspondence suggests, USDOE must prevent debt collection
attempts targeting disabled veterans, and clear their credit reports of almost
any adverse reporting linked to their student loans.

Under national law,
USDOE is needed to Release the federal student loans of veterans decided from
the Department of Veterans Affairs to become unemployable (or “totally and
permanently disabled") because of some service-connected condition.
Although USDOE currently requires disabled veterans to take positive actions to
apply for a loan release, these measures aren't required by law.

The Attorneys
General notice the federal Government has taken some steps to make it much
easier for qualified veterans to secure student loan relief. Based on their
letter, however, an automated discharge procedure that gives individual
veterans an chance to opt out to private reasons “would eliminate unnecessary
paperwork burdens and also make sure that all eligible disabled veterans can be
given a discharge."

The letter behind
automatic student loan Discharges for totally and permanently disabled veterans
obtained support from sufficient Attorneys General to become formal policy of
the National Association of Attorneys General. This designation is reserved for
letters and comments encouraged by at least 36 Attorneys General.

"Proposals for
automatic discharges with Opt-out rights have bipartisan support in Congress
and among leading veterans' advocacy organizations," the letter states.
The specialists groups behind such suggestions have included: Vietnam Veterans
for America, Veterans Education Success, The Retired Enlisted Association, High
Ground Advocacy, along with Ivy League Veterans Council.

The letter
concludes by recommending USDOE to “shoot Actions to protect people who once
protected the country. Our veterans deserve nothing less"

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