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Career Colleges of America

Career Colleges of America's Accreditation revoked

The financially impaired Career Colleges of America have been closed down and accreditation revoked. Hundreds of student and faculty were in shock and dismay upon arrival at the campuses, January 2014, to find the gates locked.

"We were informed this afternoon that the school lost accreditation, and when that happens we have to terminate student aid eligibility," said Chris Greene, a spokesman for the U.S Department of Education.

Green went on to state that the school initially reported to authorities that the closure was intended for only a week, with a plan to re-open. However, with loss of the accreditation the speculation is doubtful.

The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training had placed the school on a "show cause' status prior to revoking accreditation. The private agency reviews colleges and evaluates their viability based on the programs offered. All private sector schools must have accreditation to receive assistance from the federal government.

The for-profit school provided programs for training in numerous medical fields, such as medical assistance, surgical technology and substance abuse counseling. There were approximately 800 students enrolled at campuses located in Southern California when the school was suddenly shut down.

Students are now faced with huge financial debt and are unsure of what the future holds for them. They feel defrauded, betrayed and mislead by the administration for promises that were made and not upheld. It has been reported that officials have made attempts to find other private schools to help the students finish their studies all to no avail.


Students are left feeling as though they took a chance with the hopes this would be their answer for a brighter future. Instead it has left them with a feeling of hopelessness.

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