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Colorado Technical University

At A Glance

Colorado Technical University is a accredited for-profit college with both online courses and physical locations in CO, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Their parent company, Career Education Corp., has recently paid out $10M in a settlement concerning allegations of falsified job placement practices, and deceiving students about accreditation.

‘Technical’ Problems

While enjoying a wealth of students from around the country, Colorado Technical University has also come under nationwide scrutiny for a series of complaints, lawsuits, and fraud reports that include alleged incidents of the following:

  • Refusal of access to transcripts
  • Fabricated charges in excess of $4k, with no available contact for recourse or appeal.
  • Deception with regard to career potentials and job placement programs.
  • Circular bureaucratic transfer being used to deter students from resolving false charges.
  • Students receiving poor or no customer service.
  • Failed promises of guidance from ”career coaches”.
  • Deceptive recruiting tactics, misrepresent of job placement rates and have high rates of student loan default and student withdrawal.
  • Student debts being sold to multiple collection agencies.
  • Abuse of US veterans and VA loan programs.
  • Predatory sales practices.


Colorado Technical University

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Some tech startups, like, work to assist students who’ve had experiences like these at for-profit colleges, like Colorado Technical University, with their federal and private student loans. “We understand exactly how hard it can be to cope with looming debts in the face of a struggling economy, and we’ve taken the time to thoroughly examine the systemic options of optimized repayment and/or loan forgiveness, so that you can take the shortest path to moving forward. This is by no means an intention to slander or defame universities like Colorado Technical University in any way. There are enough credible sources that we felt prompted to take action and offer our insights to any student faced with overwhelming debt or institutional injustice.”


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