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For-Profit College Loan Forgiveness

For-Profit College Loan Forgiveness

For-Profit College Loan Forgiveness

Are you a victim of the for-profit education system in America? In recent years, light has been shed on this predatory industry – which is great for a reduction of potential future potential victims, as witnessed by ever-declining enrollment – but what about people that have already attended these schools only to find themselves in a mountain of debt, and often times not even working in their industry? We are here to help. For over 5 years, staff from Goodbye Loans have assisted countless students attain loan forgiveness. You can reach us at (800) 940-8911 to see if you qualify for loan forgiveness, or fill out the form and we will get in touch.

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The Problem with For-Profit Education

It seems that for-profit colleges are focused on just that-profit. Students from these schools end up with a much higher amount of student debt than many from other institutions, and many feel that they just aren’t getting what they paid for. Many students end up not getting a job in their desired field, even though these colleges will promise the world when it’s time to enroll. In the past, for-profit colleges have even gone as far as paying companies to hire graduates for a day, just so they can falsely inflate their placement rates.

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